Wildflower honey with crunchy dried fruits

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The Lucanian honey is P.A.T. certified (P.A.T. is an official approval for traditional Italian regional food products) and it is produced naturally raising bees in apiaries to make them work in total comfort. The honey, aged in the beehives, is extracted by centrifugation without any treatment, in order to preserve its beneficial properties and its organoleptic qualities. It has an amber color, a delicate flavour and it's rich in minerals. MielPom produces this mix of wildflower honey with crunchy dried fruits. It's perfect with aged and fresh cheese but you can eat it at breakfast too: the best way to start your day! A secret tip...If your honey looks crystallized, don't worry: it depends from the higher concentration of glucose than the sugar fructose, its benefical qualities are preserved!


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